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Wedding Cake Disaster That

Wedding Cake Disaster That may not sound like an appealing title, but this cute idea for a cake shows off your fun personalities. Better yet, help your cake tell a story. While the bottom tier or two are stable, as the cake climbs, the top tiers appear to be listing dangerously to the side. With a great wedding cake designer, any of these are possible! 1.

Guests can choose which one they want, or you can reserve the traditional cake for the wedding party and family, with guests getting cupcakes of their own.Your wedding day is all about you, and as such it needs to be full of special items that represent you and your significant other. Lighted Cakes

These wedding cakes in WI are growing in popularity, thanks to The Knock Shoppe’s Country Cakes idea of “wedding cakes kissed with light. Pepper the lower tiers with cake-topping groomsmen and bridesmaids desperately working to keep the bride and groom from sliding off the top. No matter what you’re thinking in terms of wedding cakes Wisconsin has plenty of talented bakers who can offer you creative ideas even beyond these. Big and Little Cake Combo Can’t decide between a big four-tiered wedding cake and individual cupcakes? You don’t have to! Some brides now choose to set up a tiered stand but fill the bottom two tiers with cupcakes, while the top two hold a more traditional wedding cake. It’s an original idea that isn’t too off-the-wall or bizarre, so couples just wanting to add a little something unique to their day are sure to appreciate this idea.

Luggage Cakes Do you and your fiancé love to travel? Are you going somewhere exotic for the honeymoon? Then what better way to show that off than to have your wedding cake resembles your luggage? Every layer is a different bag, with the final result being a cake that looks like your luggage, stacked and ready to go. automatic egg roll production line You can even represent the disaster itself on the cake. Flower Pots If you or your significant other are big into flowers, consider making your cake a series of stacked flower pots. 2.. Maybe when it comes to wedding cakes, you need something a little more unusual to highlight your originality as a couple. Each tier’s pot can be “filled” with a flower that is significant to you and your relationship - his favorites, your favorites, the first kinds he ever gave you.. 3. Here are a few ways you can step outside the box. 4.. There’s no reason to be anything less than completely satisfied with your cake, so choose a design you love and be prepared to tell stories about it for years to come! Wisconsin wedding planner and guide bridal shows in 2009 and 2010. What caused that top tier to slide? A volcano eruption? A meteor crash? A monster attack? Have a little fun with this one and leave your guests chuckling. Wedding cakes in Wisconsin are easy to find, but it might be a little tougher to come up with something that shows off your personality. It’s a good way to combine the formal with the festive. the list of possibilities goes on and on.” The lights actually run through the cake, creating an angelic glow that add a subtle beauty to the cake itself. Come visit our booth and learn about our wedding cakes. 5

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