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They then sing a song about their teacher

They then sing a song about their teacher Mr Teryl, aka ‘Mr T’..But Meghan Markle showed off her star potential and stole the show at her primary school graduation in Los Angeles, as these newly unearthed videos reveal. There’s always be an actor here and there come pick up their child, so that interaction was very normal there.’She’d also participate in going to some of the younger classes to help out especially after school in between waiting for the parents to come. At the end of the event, the four students in the class can be seen cutting a cake - led by Meghan.’

Revealed: The Queen’s perfumer has created a bespoke.She was an 11-year-old girl at the time and a world away from the stardom in which she now lives.She wears a long flowing grey dress and twirls in front of an audience of teachers and parents, including her mother Doria Ragland and father Thomas Markle Snr. The two best friends honour their favourite teachers with plaques and receive their graduation diplomas from school principal Miss Debbie.

Meghan Markle showed off her star potential and stole the show at her school graduation

The future royal can be seen dancing at the Hollywood Little Red House School graduation

Newly unearthed videos show Meghan dancing at the ceremony in Los Angeles in June 1993

Meghan is seen wearing funky sunglasses and dances with her schoolfriends on stage

Then aged 11, Prince Harry’s fiancee - whom he will marry at Windsor Castle on May 19 - is seen onstage at the ceremony wearing a striped T-shirt and denim shorts.The clips show the future royal presenting the ‘Meghan and Niki Awards’ with her best friend Ninaki Priddy at the Hollywood Little Red House School in June 1993.’It was very apparent from young age given also her immediate exposure to Tom going to work on [TV] set, Meghan was going on auditions and would take a test here and there doing headshots. She definitely had that ‘mother-hen’ characteristic, always gathering all her little ducklings together.The clip gives a glimpse into Meghan’s early years as a budding actress as she steals the show and ensures all eyes are on her during festive events at her school.’Ms Priddy also spoke about Meghan’s home life, telling how sharing it between her mother and father was something of a secret that few people knew about..Ms Priddy is now 37, and a jewellery designer for a corporate brand in Los Angeles.’Meghan as a child would come across incredibly charming and articulate and she definitely had a nature about her that demanded your attention.’I'm sure it was Meghan and Tom’s idea to find an entertaining and endearing way to properly honour the teachers.

‘She’s allowing Harry to take the lead’: Body language..’That was her platform.’ Another video shows Meghan exuding stage confidence as she dances to Run DMC, narrates a Christmas play and performs to Broadway musicals at the school. On Meghan dancing to Run DMC, Ms Priddy said: ‘Meghan’s performance and taking on that role was really more for comic relief.. She shined and if she knew she was onstage and a camera was on her she was definitely at peak performance. ‘ And speaking about Meghan’s bread production line personality at school, Ms Priddy said: ‘I would say Meghan was always a leader in group, she was vocal and very much a ringleader.Meghan can also be seen performing at her school’s ‘Broadway Comes To Hollywood’ summer show in June 1992. I’d say she was a perfectionist. So it’s a kind of innocence that the Little Red School House has by keeping you contained within that bubble to grow.

Meghan can be seen in some of the clips with her best friend Ninaki Priddy (pictured together)

Future royal Meghan exudes stage confidence in one of the clips as she dances to Run DMC

Wearing a baggy white jumper, she dances to Christmas in Hollis by rap group Run DMC

Meghan showcases her lead actor skills by narrating How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Meghan is pictured among her schoolfriends in Los Angeles wearing a white baggy jumper

‘Sometimes it feels bossy when it’s of a repetitive nature but I think she just wanted everything to be very proper and was always making people accountable and keeping people in line.’Talking about the ‘Meghan and Niki Awards’, Ms Priddy added: ‘Looking back, I think the ‘Meghan and Niki Awards’ were probably Meghan’s idea.’It was very much known within the school that she wanted to be actress and she exuded that type of persona, people could tell she had a thirst for fame. Together with her classmates, she dances to ‘Grease Lightning’ and other popular musical songs.’I hate to say we were the ‘cool popular’ girls but we were very much in everyone’s face as far as being able to participate in things..

Meghan presents the ‘Meghan and Niki Awards’ with her best friend Ninaki Priddy (left)

Meghan and her friend present a gift to one of their teachers at the school in Los Angeles

The girls honour their favourite teachers with plaques and receive their graduation diplomas

The video footage gives a glimpse into Meghan’s early years as a budding actress’A lot of the kids had parents in music and entertainment. It was her armour.’Ms Priddy continued: ‘I think the academics and the curriculum of that school and the way we interacted with the teachers was very much casual but it still had its academic standard.Wearing funky sunglasses, she then introduces a performance to ‘Roll Over Beethoven’ where she and her classmates dance to the Chuck Berry classic.’The school definitely provided that platform for her to just be a student without the spectacle of what the [entertainment] industry actually is.. I don’t think our teachers would be surprised at where Meghan is now..’I think her character and her bravado was very much that kind of mask, for lack of a better word. It also allowed flexibility for a lot of people who worked in entertainment industry to be able to take their kids there. She was a great performer, she took tap dancing outside of school for three or moon cake production line four years.’Even for our school yearbooks, her dad Tom would always take out a page in the yearbook and give kudos to the teachers at the end of the year. But it was always done in a cheeky way where Meghan would leave her thumbprint on it. ’If ever there was help needed in pre-school or kindergarten we would be first ones to go volunteer and people were very much aware of us as a duo.’And speaking about her as a narrator, she added: ‘Meghan is very articulate and would always make a point to correct you. It’s an intimate thing to share and to be vulnerable at that age. I think that was her way of just being able to kind of outshine what was really an insecurity for her.It first shows ten-year-old Meghan narrate a Dr Seuss performance at a Christmas show in 1991. She said: To say Meghan was comfortable onstage is an understatement.’She was living with Doria and still having to share custody and have her dad come pick her up and whatever type of dynamic exists between divorced parents. She was good at being the chameleon and would take on whatever role she had to play..

Harry and Meghan name the charities guests can donate to.

Meghan and her best friend Ninaki Priddy are seen dancing during one of the video clips ’Our school was very liberal so our Principal had allowed us to use that platform and it really was a very sweet moment to honour our teachers.She said: ‘Having to share the home between her mom and her dad was always something that I knew existed but nobody else at school did; that was never something that she would reveal or make a point to broadcast that. In the video footage, Meghan beams onstage and poses for photos in her white academic hat alongside another three classmates.’She was always very into hostessing and this kind of domestic goddess, and always trying to set up something elaborate in a presentable way. Wearing a baggy white jumper, she dances to Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC, before narrating a performance of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

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